Rebecca J. Wallace

Miniatures and Replications

Rebecca's Creations evolved from the fascination of sculptures and miniature ceramic scenes early in Rebecca's childhood. This fascination grew stronger as the years went by. The idea of creating her own designs was born because of her bank account would not afford these costly images. Rebecca came from a humble background and learned early in life to take the simplest objects and make them work to her liking. This characteristic comes into play when she transforms piles of twigs, stones and other beauties of nature in to a work of art. With every design, she hopes to absorb the viewer into a world of serenity and beauty. Many hours are painstakingly spent to hand lay each piece precisely in place. Each creation is an original with the combination of imagination, patience and the rare beauty of nature. The use of nature's materials, gives these creations the authenticity which can not be mechanically reproduced. Only a certain number can be produced in her lifetime, due to the demand and the time factor involved in developing these creations. Rebecca's Creations are truly an investment!

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