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I have always been fascinated by what is trapped inside of rocks. When I was a kid, my parents took my brothers and sister and me to old strip mines where we would gather rocks to split open to see what was inside. They showed us how to hold the rocks just right and strike them with a hammer. We never knew what we would find...a fern or bone fossil, gem-like geodes, surprising colors, or sparkling glitter. I couldn't get enough of this! How amazing it was to know that rocks held hidden treasure! That's what these firecracker pots remind me of. I take a ball of clay, stick a firecracker in it, light it, and run. Just like the rocks I split open, what's inside of these pots is random. The only control I have is the size of the clay ball and the strength of the firecracker. And even the firecrackers can't be counted on to explode the same way every time. After a bisque firing, I imagine what could be inside these "rocks" and glaze or paint a fanciful, organic treasure. I hope you enjoy "finding" these as much as I do. Also, check us out on

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