Charles and Sue Wagoner

Pottery and Stoneware

Wagoner Pottery is Chuck Sue Wagoner. We make and sell functional wheel thrown stoneware products. All utilitarian pottery is microwave, dishwasher and oven safe. Sue specializes in miniature pottery and decorative pieces. The majority of our work is wheel thrown with some hand-built work. We fire our stoneware to 2,200 degrees and we make all of our own glazes and fire all of our work in computer controlled oxidation kilns. Wagoner Pottery is "Made to be Used". Sue and I have been making and demonstrating wheel thrown pottery for over thirty years in Parke Co. Our pottery bridges the gap between classical and contemporary design. We enjoy spending time explaining and answering questions about the history of pottery and our personal techniques and methods. Wagoner Pottery is currently available at Billie Creek Village in Rockville, Indiana; Neva's in Rockville. Indiana; and the Turkey Run Inn in Marshall, Indiana. Wagoner Pottery can be viewed at the Putnam County Pottery Exhibit at the Putnam County Museum in Greencastle, Indiana and at the Arts Illiana Gallery in Terre Haute, Indiana. We have received the: Bravo Award "Arts Education"d' Aulier Show "Best Ceramic"Numerous at the Parke Co. FairGolden Apple Finalist Please check out our website for more information:

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