David Blake

Spirit Hides

David has been tanning hides and furs for over 20 years. As a former trapper he learned the value of a well maintained fur. After a brief process of experimenting and perfecting a new tanning process, David was able to produce a hide that was not only functional for wear, but provided a great canvas to work his magic. David started sculpting elk, moose, deer and buffalo hides in 1995. Since then, he has opened a small trading post in Bloomingdale, Indiana to display his wonderful creations. David has teamed up with other crafters, artisans, hunters, and trappers to bring you the most comprehensive selection of traditional 18th century fur trader and Native American clothing and implements. Custom fur, hide tanning and trade items. Traditional pre-1840 native and mountain-man apparel. Hair sculptures on elk, moose, deer, buffalo and beaver hides.

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3559 N US Highway 41

Bloomingdale, IN 47832

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(765) 592-2435