Karen Staub

Hand Woven Chairs and Macramé 

I make hand crafted hats, rugs (crocheted), design and make macram lawn chairs, paint and create interesting gourd charactures, press and arrange flower pictures as well as sew multiple items. I create many different projects and my most active one is the macram lawn chairs. I start with a request from a patron, then work off of an idea or picture. I then draw it on a graph paper to be squared off so it will be workable into a chair from using #6 cord. Each 1/4" square istwo strands either virtically or horizontally. All of the patterns that I use are designed by me. I also wrote the books on them: Published By Design Originals Fort Worth, Texas,Garden Spot Chairs and Lawn Chairs for Patio Garden. I have also been an art teacher in public schools and have painted the scenery on the walls in the Vistor Center at Lieber State Recration area. I continue to participate in the Covered Bridge Festival, Cory Apple Festival, Popcorn Festival, Chitaqua, Herb Fair, Maple Fair, andhave beenthe owner of Crafters Mall for 27 years.

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