Chris Weber


Rex Roasting Co. produces speciality grade coffees. We specialize in whole bean, unflavored coffees that are sold directly to retailers. In addition, we have an online retail store and an in-house cafe. Our focus is producing high quality coffees from around the globe. Rex Roasting Co. is a small batch roasting operation. The operation is small, utilizing a 12 kilo Probate L-12 roaster. This machine can roast up to 26 pounds of coffee per batch, with up to three batches an hour. Our operation is quite small in comparison to many other coffee roasters. Our operation is unique in that it is located inside the Hulman Building in downtown Terre Haute as part of the Clabber Girl Museum. As a display roastery, all aspects of production are visible to visitors to the museum.

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900 Wabash Avenue

Terre Haute, IN 47807

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